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Course 432 - Technology, Life Balance and Addiction

SKU: CVC 432/506

Professor: Andrew Sears

We live in an epidemic of addiction to sex, pornography, online affairs, gaming, the Internet and Facebook--all addictions that are exacerbated by technology. This course is intended to equip students with an interdisciplinary approach to minister to those with  technology-related addictions combining lessons from the disciplines of counseling/psychology, theology, public health and technology. This course will help students to:

  1. Understand the significance of technology-related addictions including sexual addiction, pornography addiction, online affairs, gaming addiction and Internet/Facebook addiction.
  2. Develop relationships and accountability structures to ensure your own sobriety and a healthy diet of media, technology and relationships.
  3. Equip yourself and others with with resources, strategies and technology tools to protect individuals, families and communities from technology-related addictions.
  4. Understand the resources available to get help if you or others you know face issues of technology-related addictions and to be equipped to make referrals and as appropriate help with peer support groups within your ministry context.


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Young, Kimberly S., and Cristiano Nabuco de Abreu, eds. Internet Addiction: A Handbook and Guide to Evaluation and Treatment. 1st ed. Wiley, 2010. ISBN: 978-0470551165. 312 pages.


Hart, D. A. D., & Frejd, D. S. H. (2013). The Digital Invasion: How Technology Is Shaping You and Your Relationships. Baker Books. ISBN: 978-081015298. 240 pages.

Total Tuition Cost   $700.00
Total Cost of Course, including Books (at Full Price)   $745.48



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