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Course 404 - Case Management

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Course 404 - Case Management (3 credits) 

The course is designed as an introductory course for non-professionally trained staff doing case management in faith-based homeless shelters. Emphasis is placed on the need for practical knowledge and application. Content underlines universal standards of case management methodology.


Professor: Michael Liimatta

Learning Objectives for this Course

Week One

Orientation to Case Management

  • Working knowledge of the language of case management
  • Link the role of case management with the needs of homeless clients
  • Initial contact and observation of one or more case managers
  • Understand the relationship of the theology of the Trinity to the healing process

Week Two

Case Management: Concepts and Skills

  • Understand a broad range of case management responsibilities
  • Analyze job descriptions for accepted core functions expected from case managers
  • Learn about necessary ethical behaviors and issues of confidentiality
  • Understand relationship of negative client response to inadequate staff training in cultural competency
  • Relate responsibilities of advocacy, ethics, respect, and cultural sensitivity to core responsibilities

Week Three

Case Management:  Interviewing

  • Understand basic theories of motivation
  • Develop proficiency in asking open ended, client centered questions that elicit client motivation for change

Week Four

Case Management:  Intake and Assessment
  • Understand and observe the importance and process of a multidimensional assessment
  • Utilize forms to assist in organizing assessment information
  • Practice skills needed to formulate a case plan specialized to individual needs and goals in a way that promotes dignity

Week Five

Case Management: Responding to Clients with Mental Illness

  • Awareness of opportunities available for clients with mental illness

Week Six

Case Management:  Special Needs

  • Compare the strategies for case management for various special needs
  • Awareness of basics regarding mental health issues for the homeless
  • Understand the effect of the culture of poverty on case management practice

Week Seven

Case Management: Developing a Case Plan

  • Understand the value and use of the case plan
  • Apply knowledge for a written plan
  • See the benefit of team participation
  • Understand the dynamics of team participation
  • Know procedures for termination and transition of clients

Week Eight

Case Management:  Using Support Services

  • Understand the opportunities and responsibilities of cooperating within the community of service providers
  • Recognize practices that ensure client success in accessing available resources
  • Realize own limitations and see value of networking
  • Become thoroughly familiar with emergency services in the community and when and how to make use of them

Week Nine

Case Management:  Legal Responsibilities

  • Overview knowledge of laws affecting clients within own state
  • Recognize legal responsibilities in case management


Course Materials & Tuition 

Case Management: An Introduction to Concepts and Skills, ISBN: 978-0925065742 $37.00



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