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Course 307 - Facilities Management

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Course 307 - Facilities Management (3 credits) 

The theoretical and practical approach to maintenance of buildings and equipment. Topics include, preventative maintenance, housekeeping, public image, record keeping, inventories. Also includes a study of the most common legal issues faced by rescue missions; governmental bodies to which the local mission is accountable, issues relating to property and liability insurance, and basic operational, health and safety requirements.

Professor: Mark Siegrist


Learning Objectives for this Course

Week One

  • Introduce the student to the course.
  • Give students the opportunity to learn about one another.
  • Ensure that the students have received all the materials to complete the course.
  • Discover the value of presenting a high quality Rescue Mission Facility

Week Two

  • To help the student to become familiar with insurance and legal risk management issues faced by non-profit organizations in general as well as the ministry of Rescue Missions.
  • To introduce students to the AGRM Rescue Mission Certification Program.
  • To introduce students to the class project of developing the Facilities Operation Manual

Week Three

  • To assist students to become familiar with the government agencies that monitor the activities of the local nonprofit organization.
  • To familiarize students to the fire safety issues faced by facilities managers.

Week Four

  • To familiarize students to building safety issue
  • To determine how to deal with communicable diseases.
  • Conduct an on-site visit with a community social service agency and/or non-profit social service agency and observe how they handle the issues discussed in this course session.

Week Five

  • To introduce students to the housekeeping, maintenance, and security functions.
  • To begin developing the final project for this course; a Building Operations Manual

Week Six

  • To familiarize students to the housekeeping, maintenance, and security functions at nonprofit organizations.
  • To start developing the final project for this course; a Building Operations Manual

Week Seven

  • To establish the essentials of preventative maintenance for Rescue Mission vehicles and facilities.
  • To establish the most important principles of disaster planning and preparation.
  • To continue developing the final project for this course; a Building Operations Manual.

Week Eight

  • To summarize the learning experiences of this course
  • To give the student the opportunity to continue to gather documents for the class project.  Facilities Operation Manual.
  • To do a comparative analysis of the nonprofit organization’s facilities management procedures with that of another public institution.
  • To summarize the learning experiences of this course.
  • To review the material covered by preparing to take a comprehensive final examination.
  • To give students the opportunity to provide input on this course.


Course Materials & Tuition 

James Harriger & Michael Liimatta, Association of Gospel Rescue Missions Certification Manual, AGRM. No ISBN (PDF provided in course)   no charge



Total Cost of Course  


On-Site Requirements


  • Ministry Director - insurance and risk management issues, lawsuits, government inspections, fire safety
  • Other staff
  • Board Members


  • Current insurance policies, terms of coverage, dollar amounts, special provisions, for ministry properties, equipment, and vehicles
  • Certification by the AGRM
  • Fire Safety policies
  • Ministry Health and Safety Standards policies
  • Policies and standards regarding infectious disease
  • Maintenance procedures for ministry facilities and vehicles, housekeeping standards
  • Disaster Planning and preparations
  • Ministry Facility Inventory

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