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Course 306 - Managing Residential Recovery Programs

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Course 306 - Managing Residential Recovery Programs (3 credits) 

The purpose of this course is to impart practical counseling and operational principles for use in long-term programs for the chemically dependent, with a particular focus on homeless addicts and alcoholics.


Learning Objectives for this Course

Week One

  • To introduce the student to the course and its instructor
  • To give the student an opportunity to get acquainted with the rest of the class and share about his/her counseling responsibilities at their own ministry
  • To learn more about the concept of "Ministering to the Whole Person"
  • To begin the exploration of the problem of addiction and the spiritual foundations of recovery.

Week Two

  • To help the student to understand how addiction and recovery relate to the issue of homelessness
  • To introduce the student to the basic principles of the Christian perspecitve on addiction counseling.

Week Three

  • To continue exploring the basic principles of Christ-centered addiction counseling.
  • To examine the special challenges of counselors working in an urban mission residential program.

Week Four

  • To continue the process of helping the student to understand the problem of alcoholism and special strategies for helping the alcoholic in a residential program.
  • To introduce the concepts related to effective goal-setting for residential program participants with an emphasis on developing realistic expectations for each individual client.

Week Five

  • To study the issues related to counseling the addict on a more in-depth basis.
  • To introduce the student to the Gallup Study on Recovery from Homelessness and its implications for ministry counseling.
  • To help the student to understand the concept of "Continuum of Care."

Week Six

  • To further examine the critical structural elements necessary for a successful residential addiction recovery program
  • To conduct a simple program review using principles presented thus far in this course.
  • To examine the theological implications of addiction recovery.

Week Seven

  • To introduce the student to the importance of seeking personal recovery along with seeking to help other staff member who may need it.
  • To introduce the students to the counseling issues of adult children of alcoholics and those who have grown up in dysfunctional family situations
  • To investigate some of the most commonly asked questions about Christian Recovery.

Week Eight

  • To help the student to become familiar with procedures and documentation that can be used to organize the counseling process.
  • To introduce the students to the importance of support groups in the aftercare process for clients who residential recovery programs.
  • To introduce the student the principles of program evaluation.
  • To continue the discussion of after care and the need to prepare residential clients to develop strategies for success upon completion of the program.



Course Materials & Tuition 

Textbook materials provided as PDF in course.



Total Cost of Course  


On-Site Requirements


  • Ministry Chaplain
  • Recovery Counselor or Director of Rehabilitation
  • Other staff


  • Policies regarding chapel services
  • Responsibilities of the ministry's counselors
  • Policies and documents regarding current ministry recovery programs and support groups

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